​My book Dear Boss is a #1 international best seller!

I thank God for you! You helped put my book, Dear Boss:What Your Employees Wish You Knew, on the map here in the United States. And you started something. Dear Boss went on to become a #1 international best seller!

If you think that sounds surreal, I thought it did too. Until I saw the links my publisher sent me of the Amazon screen shots.

Here’s the list my publisher sent me of how Dear Boss did.


The links are to the screen shots my publisher sent me.

#1 Christian Living > Professional Growth (USA)
#2 Christian Living (USA)
#1 Workplace (USA)
#1 Organizational Behavior (USA)
#2 Business & Money (USA)
#2 Christian Living (UK)
#2 Finance (UK)
#1 Christian Living (Germany)
#1 Organizational Behavior (France)
#4 Christian Living (France)
#4 Religion (Netherlands)
#1 Organizational Behavior (Japan)
#4 Business & Economics (Brazil)
#5 Religion (Brazil)
#1 Workplace (Canada)
#1 Workplace Culture (AUS)
#1 Professional Growth (AUS)

I thank God for your support of Dear Boss. And I thank God for you too.

And I thank God that Dear Boss is now available in paperback on Amazon . If you have a good relationship with your boss, you might want to give him or her a copy. If you have a bad relationship with your boss, you might want to give a copy to him or her—anonymously!


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