The Ten Rules of Respect

Have you ever seen how a lack of respect can ruin the culture of an organization or a family? When people don’t respect each other, they lose an appreciation for each other. And that can devolve into nasty personal relations—all because people did not respect each other.


Respect has become a hot topic within the realm of leadership development. At the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels listed ten rules of respect that can apply to any group of people at work or home.

Here are the “Respect 10” that Bill Hybels presented as I have interpreted them. How many of these have you instituted in your home or workplace?

How Do You Handle Emotions?

Men often don’t know how to properly handle their emotions—especially with their wives.  They either go too far on one extreme, or they go too far on the other.  But how about you?  How do you handle emotions?


Men tend to not want to deal with their emotions.  Especially when they are with their wives.  They find their emotions inconvenient.  Or not helpful.  Or just plain awkward.

But God gave emotions to men—yes, even men.  Because God made you in His image.  God loves.  God feels anger.  God feels sorrow.  But He handles His emotions in the right way.

So how do you handle emotions?  Which of these three ways do you handle your emotions with your wife?

How Can You Balance Your Work and Family Responsibilities?

When you have to put in a lot of time at work, how do you maintain your family responsibilities?  How can you maintain a balance between your work and your family life?

work and family responsibilities

If you’re looking to always maintain an even balance, it’s impossible.  One will always outweigh the other.

But you can integrate the two—if you have the proper perspective.  Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you try to meet your work and family responsibilities.

Three Ways to Prepare Successful Kids

How to Prepare Successful KidsHow do we prepare successful kids? When we were kids, our teachers told us, “You can become whoever you want to be, as long as you put in the effort.”  Perhaps they were wrong.

They told us that if we work hard enough to overcome our weaknesses, we could be successful.  After all, that’s what we hear in inspiring stories like Rudy.

But Tom Rath in Strengths Finder 2.0 turns that on its head.  He says, “You cannot be anything you want to be—but you can be a lot more of who you already are.” (emphasis original)

Based on that insight, here are three ways we can prepare our children to succeed.

How to Stay Happily Married Today

With the deck stacked against marriage today, how can you stay happily married?

When divorce statistics look as bad in the Church as they do outside the Church, how do we prepare our marriage relationship for the long haul?

Whether you’re thinking about getting married—or you’ve been married for a long time—here are three things to keep in mind.

How to Spiritually Prepare Your Children for Their Independence

We all know that we should spiritually prepare our children.  No one wants to see their kids have a failure to launch.

spiritually prepare your children

But how exactly are you trying to spiritually prepare your children to grow on their own?  Are they making your faith their own?  Or is Christianity still just their daddy’s religion?

Deuteronomy 6:6-7 gives three steps to spiritually prepare your children to follow in your footsteps.

How to Love Difficult People

Who are the people who really get under your skin?  Do you know them from work?  Or maybe they’re family?  Or perhaps, you see them at church.

We all know folks who can really bother us.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can change our view of those individuals.  Yes, even those difficult people!

Here are three thoughts to put things in perspective.

Four Key Ceremonies for a Boy on the Path to Manhood

When does a boy know he’s a man?  When his father—or another man—tells him so.

There is no biological point in a boy’s life when he knows he’s become a man.  He must be called out of boyhood and into manhood by another man.

Why so?  Sociologist Stephen Clark says it well.

Men assume social responsibility most naturally and effectively when (1) it is clear to them that the primary responsibility for the well-being of others rests on them and that others are relying on them, and (2) when they have been trained from an early age by the men in their lives to recognize and assume that responsibility faithfully.

When I was preparing the path for my sons to follow, I consulted an oldie-but-goodie: Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis.

In his book, Lewis details four rights of passage for a father to commemorate with each of his sons on their journey to manhood.

Five Steps to Becoming the Dad You Want to Be

When you were growing up, how much did your dad influence you?  Are you just like him today?  Or are you the exact opposite?

If you didn’t have a dad in the home growing up, how much did that affect you?

Now think about your kids.  Will your boys want to be just like you?  How about your daughters—will they want to marry someone like you?

If your answers aren’t what you want them to be, you can start anew.  Here are five steps to become the dad you want to be.

How to Engineer a Personal Brand Transformation

How do you go about doing a personal brand transformation?  Well, what do you want to be—when you grow up?

We’ve all been asked that question.  When we were little.  When we were graduating.  When we were looking for our first job.

But we should be always asking ourselves that question.

Ephesians 4:15 tells us that we should “grow up” to be like Christ.  In every area of our lives.  And we should be consistent in that expression at all times.

How can we become the fullness of who God created us to be in Christ?  And how can we maintain it?

Here are three simple steps to follow.