How Much Do You Show Your Faith?

In your everyday life, how much do you show your faith? Is your faith evidenced by what you do each day? Or do you show your faith only on Sundays?

Show Your Faith

I’m not asking if you preach the Gospel from the street corner every day. I’m asking if your everyday actions are intentionally a result of your faith.

James says that faith without works is dead faith (James 2:20). James also says that he shows his faith by his works (James 2:18). Here’s how Scripture can help you consider your ways to see how much you show your faith.

How God Works Through Little Victories

God wants to transform you into His image. He wants to help you change from one level of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18). And He wants your little victories to become big victories.

Little Victories

The process of sanctification will take time. It will take effort on your part. And it will require your active obedience.

Here’s how obedience to God brings about sanctification—through little victories.

How Faith and Work Are Complementary

It seems that faith and work are perceived as contradictory in the business world. People think that trusting God doesn’t require that you follow good business practices. Or they think that putting in disciplined effort means that you don’t trust God to provide. The truth is that faith and work complete each other.

faith and work

You can demonstrate how your faith impacts your work and how your work reinforces your faith. You don’t have to choose one over the other—because faith and work are complementary.

Here are three steps for meaningfully pursuing both your faith and work.

Why Your Work Matters to God

Is God interested in what you do for a living? Or do you think God thinks your work matters?

work matters

Does God care if you trade stocks, lay tile, or raise cattle? Does God bother with such mundane things? Or does God only care about what we do if we go into the ministry?

God cares about whatever you do. Here’s why your work matters to God.

Why the First Step Is the Most Important

Change is hard. It’s not easy to do something new. Especially if you’ve been doing something else for a long time. But you have to be willing to take that first step.

first step

It’s tempting to think that biblical heroes of the faith were always that way. But great men of the Bible were just men who put their faith in action.

Here’s a look at three biblical heroes who had to make a big change. But they were willing to make that first step.

Five Ways You Can Honor God with Your Business

God wants to be a part of everything you do—even your work. Because your business is God’s business. And you can honor God with your business.

honor God with your business

Your business is a tool to make money. But it can be so much more than that. Your business can be an agent of transformation.

Here are five ways you can honor God with your business—and transform your business in the process.

How to Pray for Your Business to Bless Others

Prayer is important to anything we do. Most of us don’t do it enough. As a person in business, you have the privilege to pray for your business to bless others through a triple bottom line impact.

bless others

It is important to have positive returns in all three of your bottom lines. Therefore, it is important to pray for all three bottom lines.

Here are three ways you can pray for your business to bless others.

If You’re Going to Be In, Be All In

If you’re living what you believe only half-heartedly, you’re not going to gain the full benefit of what you believe.  If you’re going to be in, be all in.

be all in

Being a Christian involves noble aspirations.  Changing lives.  Saving lives.  Making the world a better place.  But Jesus called us to more than just noble aspirations.

Jesus called us to live the abundant life (John 10:10).  But many don’t get to that point in their spiritual life because they don’t fully commit.

Here are three questions to consider about what you can do to live the abundant life.  To live out your faith more intentionally.  And to be all in.

The Essential Practice of Thinking Differently

I have found that we all can get stuck in ruts as we go about our lives.  We tend to keep doing things the same way because that is how we have always done them.  And we only change the results we get in our lives when we continually develop a practice of intentionally thinking differently.

Thinking Differently

Our actions originate with our thoughts.  So if we change our thought patterns, then we will change our actions.  And that will change the results we get.

We are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans 12:2).  Looking at the key words in this verse, here is a breakdown of how we can go about intentionally thinking differently.

How Do You Find Personal Significance in Life?

As you live your life, how can you find personal significance in living?  How can you make your life count the most?

personal significance

You want to know that your life was lived for a purpose.  So what is that purpose?

Here’s how you can find personal significance in living your life and leave the most important legacy you can leave in the process.