Why Obeying God Leads to Self-Actualization

Despite what others may tell you, gratifying your personal pleasures will not make you happy. In fact, it will leave you feeling empty. But obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.


God knows you better than you know yourself (Psalm 139:1-4). And God is for you (Romans 8:31). As a result, He knows what will truly make you happy.

Here are three reasons why obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.

How to Discover Your Personal Identity

God wants you to be who He made you to be, work how He wants you to work, and accomplish what He wants you to accomplish. In order to do all that, you first must discover your personal identity.

personal identity

That is easier said than done. God is the source of your personal identity. And you must seek Him to know who He is in order to embrace the God-designed package of your personal identity.

Understanding your personal identity can be similar to understanding your company’s brand identity. Here are three questions to start you on your journey to discover your personal identity.

Who Are You Becoming?

Do you ever take inventory of how you’re progressing? I’m not asking if you are happy with who you are. I’m asking if you like who you are becoming.


In life, you are never standing still. You are either moving forward or moving backward. If you’re not progressing, then you are regressing.

It’s important to be in the habit of self-analysis. Here are nine questions you can ask yourself to find out who are you becoming.

How Do You Develop Your Personal Identity?

In order to have a clear vision for where you are going in life, it is important to first have an accurate handle on your personal identity.

personal identity

A vision is a picture of a future state from a present vantage point.  In order to build the vision for your life, you must first know your present vantage point.  And you can establish that starting point by discovering your personal identity.

Here are the three components that go into building your personal identity.

How to Construct Your Company’s Brand Identity

In order for your company to achieve what you are supposed to achieve, you first must embrace your brand identity.

construct brand identity

Once you understand your brand identity, then you can determine what you should do, whom you should serve, and where you are going.  But it is imperative that you determine your brand identity as your starting point.

Here’s a breakdown of the three concepts that you will need to fully construct your brand identity.

How Do You Find Personal Significance in Life?

As you live your life, how can you find personal significance in living?  How can you make your life count the most?

personal significance

You want to know that your life was lived for a purpose.  So what is that purpose?

Here’s how you can find personal significance in living your life and leave the most important legacy you can leave in the process.

Does Your Business Own You?

You spend a lot of time on your business because you have your own business.  Or does your business own you?

business own

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t put a lot of time into your business.  But you should consider why you put that time into your business.

Here are three questions to consider as you think through whether or not your business owns you.

20 Questions to Help You Discern Your Calling

God has placed a calling on your life.  He has created you to do something.  But it’s difficult to figure out exactly what that is.  Or is it?


God has given you ways that you can find out what He wants you to do.  Because He has hardwired you to thrive in certain situations.

The search for your calling in life mirrors your search for the heart of God.  God wants you to seek Him with all your heart and in the process you will learn more about yourself.

Here are 20 questions to consider as you seek out your calling.

Three Reasons to Be the Church at Work

Many Christians have a wall between their faith and their work.  They have a Sunday way of thinking, and a way of thinking for the rest of the week.  But you don’t have to limit your faith to the four walls of the church building.  You can be the Church at work.

the Church at Work

Colossians 3:23-4 tells us that we should put our all into whatever we do, because we ultimately serve the Lord and not just our bosses.  So you can allow your faith to permeate all areas of your life—especially your work.

You can look at your workplace as a mission field.  And here’s why we should be the Church at work.

How to Lead Your Thinking

If you are going to become the person you want to be, then you have to look at how you think.  How you think will determine how you act.  In order to act how you want to act, you must first lead your thinking.

lead your thinking

What you believe about yourself will predict what you will become.  You cannot consistently act in a way that is inconsistent with what you believe about yourself.

If you want to lead your thinking, here’s the process to follow.  Realize this exercise might be more difficult than you think.  And be prepared to be brutally honest with yourself.