The Power of Courageous Commitment

... and How You Can Use It Too

Have you ever marveled at how some people can persevere through anything?  They seem to be able to plow through any obstacle to achieve their goals.  Ever wondered why?  It’s because they have the power of courageous commitment.

courageous commitment

I know some people have a self-confidence that borders on cockiness.  But the power of courageous commitment doesn’t have to be based on our own sense of self-importance.  In fact, it should be grounded on a firm belief of who God is and what He has called you to do.

Here are some examples from Scripture to show that you too can appropriate the power of courageous commitment.

How Much Do You Show Your Faith?

In your everyday life, how much do you show your faith? Is your faith evidenced by what you do each day? Or do you show your faith only on Sundays?

Show Your Faith

I’m not asking if you preach the Gospel from the street corner every day. I’m asking if your everyday actions are intentionally a result of your faith.

James says that faith without works is dead faith (James 2:20). James also says that he shows his faith by his works (James 2:18). Here’s how Scripture can help you consider your ways to see how much you show your faith.

How God Works Through Little Victories

God wants to transform you into His image. He wants to help you change from one level of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18). And He wants your little victories to become big victories.

Little Victories

The process of sanctification will take time. It will take effort on your part. And it will require your active obedience.

Here’s how obedience to God brings about sanctification—through little victories.

Why Obeying God Leads to Self-Actualization

Despite what others may tell you, gratifying your personal pleasures will not make you happy. In fact, it will leave you feeling empty. But obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.


God knows you better than you know yourself (Psalm 139:1-4). And God is for you (Romans 8:31). As a result, He knows what will truly make you happy.

Here are three reasons why obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.

Why You Must Act on What You Know

The Scripture says you should be doers of the word and not just hearers (James 1:22). But why is that? Why does God say you must act on what you know?

act on what you know

The second half of James 1:22 tells us why: you will deceive yourself if you don’t act on what you know. And Hebrews 5:13-14 says you will be unskilled in righteousness if you don’t put into practice what you know from Scripture.

But what does that look like practically? And why is that such a big deal? Here are three things that will happen if you don’t act on what you know from Scripture.

How to Discover the Joy of Obeying God

The Scripture says to obey God. But God doesn’t want you to obey Him for His sake. He wants you to obey Him so you can discover the joy of obeying God.

joy of obeying God

Obedience is just the outward manifestation of what’s going on internally. Internally you are learning how to trust God and grow in relationship with Him. And that gets expressed through obeying God.

Here are three ways you benefit from obeying God.

Why You Can Trust What God Wants for You

God wants you to become who He made you to be. And that may not always be comfortable. But you can trust what God wants for you.

trust what God wants

God wants what’s best for you. And He wants to bless you. However, God’s blessings come at the price of your obedience. As a result of your obedience, you will receive what God wants uniquely for you. And it will be perfectly designed to fit you.

Here are three reasons why you can trust what God wants for you.

Why the First Step Is the Most Important

Change is hard. It’s not easy to do something new. Especially if you’ve been doing something else for a long time. But you have to be willing to take that first step.

first step

It’s tempting to think that biblical heroes of the faith were always that way. But great men of the Bible were just men who put their faith in action.

Here’s a look at three biblical heroes who had to make a big change. But they were willing to make that first step.

If You’re Going to Be In, Be All In

If you’re living what you believe only half-heartedly, you’re not going to gain the full benefit of what you believe.  If you’re going to be in, be all in.

be all in

Being a Christian involves noble aspirations.  Changing lives.  Saving lives.  Making the world a better place.  But Jesus called us to more than just noble aspirations.

Jesus called us to live the abundant life (John 10:10).  But many don’t get to that point in their spiritual life because they don’t fully commit.

Here are three questions to consider about what you can do to live the abundant life.  To live out your faith more intentionally.  And to be all in.

Why Do You Obey God?

We all know we should obey God.  But why should we obey God?

obey God

In looking back on my life, I have placed different emphases on my relationship with God at different times.  But what should a relationship with God look like?  What do you want your relationship with God to look like?

Think through your relationship with God.  Which one of these scenarios best describes your situation?