What Words Do You Say About Yourself?

What words do you say about yourself? When you are talking to others, how do you describe yourself? And when you are alone, what comes out of your mouth? With the words you say, do you bless or curse yourself?


You may not even be aware of how you speak about yourself. But your words have consequences. The Scripture says out of your mouth proceed blessing and cursing (James 3:10). So which one do you use on yourself?

Here are 14 questions to ask yourself to find out whether you bless or curse yourself with your words.

What Is the Fruit of Your Thoughts?

Whatever your mind focuses on will be manifested in your life. Because you will get the fruit of your thoughts (Jeremiah 6:19).

fruit of your thoughts

Your core beliefs will come out in your words and deeds (Matthew 15:18; Luke 6:45). What you say and do will show what you think about more than what you say you think about.

If you don’t like what you see manifesting as the fruit of your thoughts, here’s how you can change.

How Complaining Hurts More Than Helps

Do you complain when things don’t go well? I know I do. But I wish I didn’t. Because complaining hurts more than it helps.

complaining hurts

In the moment, complaining feels so good. Something isn’t going right, so you complain about what’s happening. But in the long run, it’s not good for you.

Here are three ways complaining hurts more than helps—and what you can do to avoid complaining.

Why Obeying God Leads to Self-Actualization

Despite what others may tell you, gratifying your personal pleasures will not make you happy. In fact, it will leave you feeling empty. But obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.


God knows you better than you know yourself (Psalm 139:1-4). And God is for you (Romans 8:31). As a result, He knows what will truly make you happy.

Here are three reasons why obeying God will lead to your self-actualization.

Why Self Doubt is Actually Doubting God

If you’re like me, you’ve doubted the plans God has for you. God has told you to do something, but you doubted you could do it. But self-doubt is actually doubting God.

doubting God

The Scripture says that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). If God has called you to do something, then He is able to see you through (Philippians 1:6).

Here are three ways that self-doubt is tantamount to doubting God and how you can overcome self-doubt.

Who Are You Becoming?

Do you ever take inventory of how you’re progressing? I’m not asking if you are happy with who you are. I’m asking if you like who you are becoming.


In life, you are never standing still. You are either moving forward or moving backward. If you’re not progressing, then you are regressing.

It’s important to be in the habit of self-analysis. Here are nine questions you can ask yourself to find out who are you becoming.

How You Need Rest and Why You Don’t Get It

This hard-charging culture has lost an appreciation for rest. People don’t think they need rest. They think they can keep going at top speed all the time and not crash. But life doesn’t work that way. People have to carve out time to rest.

need rest

Perhaps people don’t rest because they don’t understand what it is. Rest is not going on a vacation. How many times have you come back exhausted after a vacation? And rest is not playing video games. You end up feeling more worked up afterwards.

Rest is more than not working. Here’s what rest really means and why you need rest.

Why You Are Not Your Mistakes

As a leader, you have other people relying on you. And I know you don’t want to let them down. But recognize that you will make mistakes. And you are not your mistakes.

Your Mistakes

I know you want to be a producer. You want to show your team how it’s done. But don’t let yourself be defined by your performance. Because you will make mistakes.

When evaluating your performance as a leader, here’s why you are not your mistakes.

Why Waiting on God Is an Active Process

When you wait on God, it can seem like you’re not doing anything. It might feel like you are just sitting around, like when you go to the doctor’s office. But you are not being passive when you are waiting on God. On the contrary, waiting on God is an active process.

waiting on God

Waiting requires engaging your mind. As a soldier stands at attention awaiting the next command, waiting is an active process of submitting your will while you wait for God’s instructions.

Here are some thoughts to remember when you are waiting on God.

Do You Believe You Can Change?

Despite the pigeon holes that people will put you into, you don’t have to be the same person in ten years that you are right now. You have the privilege to change. But the question is: do you believe you can change?

believe you can change

You may agree on an intellectual level that you can change. But how about on a practical level? Do you really believe you could become the person you want to be?

Here are twenty questions in five areas to ask yourself to see if you believe you can change.