The Ten Rules of Respect

Have you ever seen how a lack of respect can ruin the culture of an organization or a family? When people don’t respect each other, they lose an appreciation for each other. And that can devolve into nasty personal relations—all because people did not respect each other.


Respect has become a hot topic within the realm of leadership development. At the 2017 Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels listed ten rules of respect that can apply to any group of people at work or home.

Here are the “Respect 10” that Bill Hybels presented as I have interpreted them. How many of these have you instituted in your home or workplace?

What Your Followers Want

Your followers expect certain things from you as a leader. They want to know that you will provide them what they are looking for. But first it is important to know what your followers want.

what your followers want

Your followers all want the same things—whether they are your children, the members of your church, or the employees at your business. They are all looking for your leadership to provide four things.

Here are the four things your followers want.

Why Your Workplace Is a Place for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth happens most through our interactions with others. Since you spend more of your waking hours with the people at your workplace, then your workplace is a place for spiritual growth.

spiritual growth

God works in you to want to do what pleases Him (Philippians 2:13). And Scripture tells you to work out your salvation (Philippians 2:12). That means you literally need to work out of you what God has put in you through your interactions with other people. That makes the workplace a great place to test out what God is doing in you.

Here are three ways you can use your workplace as a place for spiritual growth.

Why Your Work Matters to God

Is God interested in what you do for a living? Or do you think God thinks your work matters?

work matters

Does God care if you trade stocks, lay tile, or raise cattle? Does God bother with such mundane things? Or does God only care about what we do if we go into the ministry?

God cares about whatever you do. Here’s why your work matters to God.

The Importance of Putting Yourself Last

As a leader, you are the one who sets the tone on your team. If you are putting yourself first, then everyone else will put themselves first too. But if you are putting yourself last, then they will follow your example.

putting yourself last

Putting yourself last shows that you are there for the team, not the other way around. By seeing your example, your team will also realize they should think the same way.

Here are three reasons why you as a leader should always be putting yourself last.

What Should a Good Company Culture Look Like?

To have good company culture in the workplace, four key pieces are necessary. In fact, a company culture will not work as it should without all four pieces in place.

good company culture

Your company culture will never become better than you can envision it to be. You first must have an idea of what kind of culture you want to cultivate. Only then can you put it into practice.

Here is a description of the four pieces that must be in place for a good company culture, along with twelve questions to consider about your workplace culture.

Five Ways You Can Honor God with Your Business

God wants to be a part of everything you do—even your work. Because your business is God’s business. And you can honor God with your business.

honor God with your business

Your business is a tool to make money. But it can be so much more than that. Your business can be an agent of transformation.

Here are five ways you can honor God with your business—and transform your business in the process.

Why You Should Have an Ownership Mentality

Even if you aren’t the owner of the company you work for, your customers will want you to have an ownership mentality.  They want to know that you will take ownership of whatever problem they bring to you.

ownership mentality

Your customers want to know that you care about their problems.  They want to know that you will help them solve the issues they are facing.

Here are three reasons you want to bring an ownership mentality to everything that you do.

How to Win Respect from Your Team

The best way to win respect from your team is to put them before yourself.  In order to be respected by your team, be respectful of your team.

win respect

When you are willing to respect your team for who they are—not for what they can do for you—they will appreciate you for who are.  People don’t care how much you know until they know much you care.

Here are three practical ways to show respect to your team—and win respect from your team in the process.

Three Ways to Cultivate Mutual Understanding

Listening is a powerful tool. When you genuinely listen to someone, you provide fertile ground for transparency to grow.  And it is through that environment of listening and transparency that mutual understanding will flourish.

mutual understanding

When you empathically listen to someone, without trying to manipulate them, you give the other person “psychological air” or “emotional oxygen.”  You have met one of their deeply felt needs—the need to be understood.

Here are three practical ways to foster mutual understanding with the people in your life.