How to Help Your Team Consistently Improve with Constructive Feedback

As a leader, you want your team to consistently improve their performance as a team.  But a team needs constructive feedback to produce consistent improvement.  So you will help your team stay on track if you provide them with compassionate and positive course corrections.

constructive feedback

Instead of pointing out only what your team is doing wrong, give them constructive feedback in a way that they don’t feel stupid about what they’re doing wrong. When you correct your team, what you say matters as much as how you say it.

Your brand health will depend on your culture health.  And your culture health will depend on the tone you set as a leader.  As the old adage goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Here are three pointers for giving your team constructive feedback for their consistent improvement.


1. Reverse the roles


Before you give feedback to your team members, think through what it would feel like if the roles were reversed.  How would you want to be spoken to if you were the one being corrected?  Then prepare to give your feedback with that in mind.

Keep your interactions positive with everyone on the team.  Make sure that they know that you appreciate them and value their contributions.  If you hired the right team, then you will want to keep them.  Creating the right culture will help you retain your team.


2. Believe in your team


Invest in your team by investing in their training.  Help them to understand how important their part is in the overall picture.  And tell them how much you believe in their ability to do the work necessary.

If you have the right people on board, then creating a culture of appreciation will encourage them to want to work harder.  And if you consistently give them positive and constructive feedback, they will want to stay and work for you.


3. Celebrate forward progress


Your team will not be perfect at what they do initially.  Even with training, it will take them time from when they are hired until they are competent at what they are hired to do.

If you consistently reiterate your belief that they will be able to perform at the desired level, they will rise to the challenge.  Eventually they will believe that they can do it too.

Continually providing the constructive feedback they need to hear will help them improve.  And consistently celebrating their forward progress will make them want to improve.


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