The Three Main Things That Hold You Back

And How You Can Overcome Them

As you grow into the person who God made you to be, you will come across obstacles that will hold you back. There will be times when you will not believe what you are capable of doing. That is to be expected. It’s how you handle it that matters.

hold you back

The enemy of your soul does not want you to become the person who God called you to be. And he will do everything in his power to prevent you from fully developing into the person God designed you to be. The key is to recognize that and be prepared for it.

Here are the three main things that will hold you back from becoming all you are supposed to be—and how you can overcome them in your life.


1. Fear


Most people are afraid of trying to become who God wants them to be. They are afraid of failing, afraid of looking stupid, or even afraid of succeeding. They don’t want to look like an impostor, so they don’t even try.

Fear will hold you back. Fear will keep you immobilized and prevent you from moving forward. I know that because I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to be so frozen with fear that I couldn’t even make a decision. Now I realize that doing something—even if it is the wrong thing—is better than doing nothing.

Forward motion will keep the fear away. But you have to start moving. Taking that first step is the most important. After that, all the other steps will be easier.

To prevent fear from taking root in your life, resolve to try to learn something new every day. Even if it is something little like taking a new way to work or trying a new food. If you get in the habit of being out of your comfort zone, you will get out of the habit of letting fear in your life.


2. Doubt


Most people doubt they can become who God wants them to be. They have been beaten down so much that they doubt their own abilities. In effect, they have allowed the people in their life or the circumstances of their life to tell them what they can do and what they cannot do.

Self-doubt will hold you back. Self-doubt will keep you stuck where you are. I know that because I’ve been there. I understand how it feels to be paralyzed with self-doubt. But now I realize that self-doubt is actually doubting God. When you doubt what you can do, you are actually doubting what God can do through you.

Don’t let doubt hold you back. Believe what the Scriptures say about you. Believe what the Scriptures say about God. And guard your mind against any thoughts to the contrary.

Then be willing to try to step out and act on what you know. You can overcome self-doubt in your life. It just takes practice. Ask God to help you do something you didn’t believe you could do before. And watch what God can do through you!


3. Comparison


Most people compare themselves to others. They see others doing things that they don’t think they can do. They feel demotivated by what they see others able to do. As a result, they feel like they are not successful because they don’t think they can do what they see others are doing.

Comparison will hold you back. Comparison will keep you looking at everyone else and not at God. I know that because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to constantly compare myself to others, hoping to validate myself. But now I realize that I am already validated in God’s eyes.

God hasn’t called you necessarily to do what others are doing. God has called you to be obedient to what He wants you to do. He has called everyone to their own particular work. He does not expect you to fill their role and He does not expect them to fill your role. Everyone has their own task to do. And being obedient and faithful to that particular task is God’s definition of success.

God made you. He made you unique. He does not want you to be an imitation of any of His other creations. God wants you to thrive as the unique individual He created.

God loves you. And because God loves you, you should love yourself. You should love how He made you. Because He made you who you are. You do not have to impress him by being someone you are not.

Instead God wants you to step out in faith and do what He’s uniquely called you to do. Part of that adventure is figuring out what God has envisioned for you to do. And along the way, you need to resist listening to what fear will tell you.

God wants you to actively believe what the Scriptures say—and then be bold enough to act on that faith. God is pleased when you put your faith into action and not listen to doubt. You can become who He has called you to be.

And God doesn’t want you to be anyone else than the person He made you to be. Embrace who you are and be the best YOU that you can be. Resist the temptation to compare yourself with others.

If you will avoid listening to fear, doubt, and comparison, you will overcome the temptations that hold you back, and you will be more of you than you ever have been.


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