Leading Your Mind: The Ultimate Book Giveaway for the Christian Business Leader

Based on the interest generated in last Monday’s post about my top business books, I’ve decided to do a giveaway for this bundle of books. But I also decided to throw in my top Christian leadership books as well.

I believe these are books that every Christian business leader MUST read.

If you are to be a well-rounded Christian leader today, then you have to have these books in your library.

This giveaway is for:

  • Business leaders in the marketplace
  • Spiritual leaders in the Church
  • Employees who want to become better leaders at work
  • Parents who want to become better leaders at home

And most importantly for:

  • Leaders who want to help others become better leaders.

Here’s how the giveaway is going to work.


To enter to win these books, you can CLICK HERE to enter your info or go to robertmcfarland.net/giveaway.

And if you want more chances to win…

Simply share your link (given to you after you enter the giveaway) with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

(I’ll also send you my eBook, The Importance of Cultivating God’s Vision for Your Life, Ministry, or Business, if you share on social media.)

Here are the books that are up for grabs:

I am sure you will benefit from reading these books as much as I did.

And even if you have already some or all of these books, you know how they good they were.

So go ahead and enter the contest. And if you win, you can give these books to someone else.

Since you are a leader, you probably already have these books on your shelf.

And as a leader, you know leadership is not about you. It’s about helping others get better.

By sharing this with your friends, you will remind others about the importance of reading books to help them build their leadership skills.

When a leader gets better, everybody wins.

So enter the contest for the books. If you share this contest with your friends, you will get my e-book.

Remember: you’re helping others become better leaders. And then everybody wins.

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