Can Business Be a Ministry of Reconciliation?

If Christ has given you the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18), can you be a minister of reconciliation also in a business context?  Absolutely.


Christ has called you to be one of his ambassadors (2 Corinthians 5:20).  And that did not stop at the door of your business.  He wants your Sunday faith to affect the rest of your week too.

If you have faith in Christ, then you are a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17).  And that means that your old life is passing away, and you are to be making all things new.  And that includes the influence you have in your business.

Here are four ways you can have a ministry of reconciliation through your business.


1. You can change you.


You can be a minister of reconciliation by showing how God has reconciled you to Himself.  Just by living out your faith.  At your business.  On a daily basis.

Since God has forgiven you a debt you could not pay, that must change how you interact with others (Matthew 18:35).

Let that vision for ministry change how you look at yourself.  And how you look at others.


2. You can influence your team.


If you are the Chief Executive Officer, then are also the Chief Ministry Officer.  And you will set the tone for everyone else.  Because they will all be watching you.

If you are reconciled to God, then you can show your team how they can be reconciled with each other.  And then you will have the opportunity to extend that ministry of reconciliation to those outside your team.


3. You can affect your customers.


If you exhibit a ministry of reconciliation at your business, then your customers will notice.  Because they won’t be able to miss it.

If the culture of your business has been transformed, then your customers will notice how they will be treated.  And they will want to come back.  And they will tell others.


4. You can impact your community.


If you live out the ministry of reconciliation with your customers, then your community will take note.  If your business intentionally extends to others the mercy that God showed you, then you will have an opportunity to make a profound impact on your community.

By daily deciding to let your reconciled relationship with God transform you in the context of your business, then you will have an impact much larger than your business.


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