Why You Should Prepare a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is a necessity for any business endeavor.  I have seen the value it provides for client organizations and companies I have worked with.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what Bruce had to say.

strategic plan

Bruce chairs a nationwide association.  At a panel discussion he and I were on together at their national conference, he talked about the strategic planning process I had led for him and his board.  And he told the members at that session that he would be remiss if he did not encourage all of them to have a strategic plan.

If that still doesn’t convince you, then here are three reasons why you should prepare a strategic plan.

How Submission Improves Your Leadership

Self-discipline is an important practice to cultivate in developing our leadership skills.  And submission is an important part of developing that self-discipline.


Submission is a spiritual principle that has powerful application in the natural realm.  As 1 Corinthians 10:33-11:1 says, we should follow Christ’s example, so others can follow our example—so that still others might be saved.

We must be willing to discipline ourselves to submit to a higher authority to prepare ourselves for leading others.  In order to become good leaders, we must first become good followers.

Submission means putting aside our own desires for the benefit of others.  And that’s why it is so hard.  And why it is so important.

Here are three scenarios where you can cultivate your ability to submit in order to improve your ability to lead.

How to Rescue Your Mind from a Bad Attitude

Every now and then we all get a bad attitude.  We don’t go looking for it.  But it still happens.  So how do we rescue our mind from a bad attitude?

bad attitude

Even when we try to guard our mind from unhealthy thoughts, we still can fall into a funk.  There’s no need to beat yourself up about it.  Just get rid of it.

Here are three steps to rescue your mind from a bad attitude.

How to Build Trust with Your Team

Trust is a fragile thing.  We want our team to trust us, but trust cannot be developed overnight.  You can only build trust through a consistent relationship maintained over time.

build trust

In developing an environment of trust with your team, it is important to show yourself trustworthy.  And then to show your team that they can trust the others on the team too.

Here are three principles to remember as you build trust with your team.

Why Having a Coach Is Important to Your Personal and Professional Development

When you were growing up, do you remember having a coach?  Someone who pushed you past what you thought you could do?  Someone who made you better than you thought you could be?  Decades later, I’m sure you still know their name.

having a coach

It’s powerful to have someone believe in you, put the time in to help you improve, and rejoice with you when you succeed.  It’s also humbling to have someone call you on what you’re doing wrong.  But only so that you can become better.

Because of how a coach believes in you, it’s worth believing in yourself enough to invest in a coaching relationship.  Here are three reasons why having a coach will help you accelerate your personal and professional development.

Why Your Active Leadership Is More Important Than You Realize

As a leader, how you interact with the people on your team is extremely important.  In fact, your active leadership is more important than you may realize.

active leadership

Everyone in your charge is constantly watching you.  They are always trying to figure out what is important to you as a leader.

How do you maximize your active leadership under those circumstances?  Here are three tips for making the most of your active leadership.

Why There Is Freedom in Accountability

No one likes having anyone looking over their shoulder all the time.  Especially when it’s a private matter.  And yet that is exactly where we most need accountability.


The enemy of our souls wants us to keep our distance from others, especially when it comes to how we conduct our private life, how we manage our business, and how we think about ourselves.  He wants to keep us separated from each other, in prison cells of our own design.

God wants us to be in community with others who can help us overcome the challenges we face on our own.  And God wants us to experience the benefits of healthy accountability.

Here are three fruits of being held accountable.