The Six Keys to Great Messaging

co-written with Ben Case, Case Consulting Services Inc.

Good branding matters whether you work for a company or a nonprofit. Whether you’re selling a product or you’re selling an idea. And good branding requires great messaging.

great messaging

Before I started Transformational Impact LLC, I worked with my friend Ben Case at Case Consulting Services, Inc. Ben is reputedly one of the best major gift fundraisers in the world, having helped nonprofits raise more than $4.3 billion in his 40 years of fundraising.

In 2016, I helped Ben write a series on the Six Keys to Great Messaging. Here is a summary of those six keys.

Three Essentials of Good Branding

Building a good brand is not complicated. Good branding starts with leadership who understand how they want to define their brand and then deliver that brand over and over again.

good branding

While good branding is not complicated, it’s not necessarily easy. It involves creating a culture where everyone understands what the brand promise means and how to repeatedly deliver that promise to customers.

You must design your brand promise so that every customer will understand the brand message. To create that experience, follow these three essentials of good branding.

Why You Should Have an Ownership Mentality

Even if you aren’t the owner of the company you work for, your customers will want you to have an ownership mentality.  They want to know that you will take ownership of whatever problem they bring to you.

ownership mentality

Your customers want to know that you care about their problems.  They want to know that you will help them solve the issues they are facing.

Here are three reasons you want to bring an ownership mentality to everything that you do.

How to Hire the Right People for Your Company

A company will rise or fall based on your leadership and the people you have on board.  Your team will not be a team unless you have the right people on the team.

right people

The process of hiring the right people starts long before you develop the job description, advertise a vacancy, or interview any candidates.  It involves having an intentional mindset of knowing who the right people are.

Every company is different.  The right person for one may not be the right person for another.  Here’s how you can develop a process for hiring the right people for your organization.

How to Construct Your Company’s Brand Identity

In order for your company to achieve what you are supposed to achieve, you first must embrace your brand identity.

construct brand identity

Once you understand your brand identity, then you can determine what you should do, whom you should serve, and where you are going.  But it is imperative that you determine your brand identity as your starting point.

Here’s a breakdown of the three concepts that you will need to fully construct your brand identity.

How to Foster Goodwill with Your Team

Everyone on your team wants to feel appreciated.  The more you take the time to do that, the more you can develop goodwill with your team, and the more you can build a good brand.


Scripture makes many references to how we should treat one another.  Bringing these practices into your workplace will revolutionize your team.  And it will create a positive culture that will contribute to your brand.

Here are eleven ways that you can build goodwill with your team by practicing these “one anothers.”

How to Build Trust with Your Team

Trust is a fragile thing.  We want our team to trust us, but trust cannot be developed overnight.  You can only build trust through a consistent relationship maintained over time.

build trust

In developing an environment of trust with your team, it is important to show yourself trustworthy.  And then to show your team that they can trust the others on the team too.

Here are three principles to remember as you build trust with your team.

The Importance of Community in the Workplace

In order for you to develop a healthy brand for your company, it is important to have a sense of community in the workplace.


Once you have developed your ministry vision and you have developed your core values, it is essential to live them out so you can build community.

Here are three thoughts to keep in mind as you knit your team together through your shared vision and values.

How to Build a Successful Brand

Good branding is essential to any venture.  Whether it’s building a business.  Developing a product.  Or establishing yourself.  But how do you create a successful brand?

successful brand

First of all, let’s define brand.  A brand is the sum of all the interactions, experiences, and impressions that someone has about you, your product, or your business.  It resides in their mind.  So you do not own your brand.

Creating a successful brand can seem very complex, but it’s actually a simple concept.  Good branding requires following these simple steps.

How a Ministry Vision Will Transform Your Company

You have the power to do much good with your business.  Not just to create wealth.  But to impact lives for God’s Kingdom.  All you need is a ministry vision.

ministry vision

Think of your business as an instrument in God’s hand to draw people to Himself.  When you have that perspective, you align your thinking with God’s thinking.  And God is pleased to use your business for His glory.

Here is the four-step process of transforming your company by cultivating a ministry vision.