Vision Provides Both Power and Focus

Why Vision Is the Centerpiece of Your Company Core Fundamentals

To get a rocket to lift off, you need to have a combination of both incredible power and precise focus. Leaving the atmosphere requires that you have an enormous amount of thrust, but that thrust has to be channeled in precisely the same direction. In your business, you need to the same combination of power and focus. And you can harness both through vision.

Power and Focus

Vision is the centerpiece of your core fundamentals. Every organization needs to have both the power and focus that vision provides. Your Purpose, Values, and Vision provide the power; and your Mission, Customer, and Vision provide the focus. Vision is the only one in common between the Power Fundamentals and the Focus Fundamentals. Vision will get your team moving in the same direction over a longer period of time.

Here’s why Vision provides you with both power and focus.