What People Miss When Reading Biblical Narratives

Three Caveats for Understanding Scriptural Historical Accounts

When reading the scriptural accounts of the heroes of the faith, it’s easy to lose the most important lessons. I know I have read all of the biblical narratives at least ten or twelve times. But there are many things that I missed because I wasn’t looking for them. And neither was I clued in to appreciate them.


The Scriptures teach a lot without directly saying it. Much of the stuff worth picking up from the biblical accounts is implied. Readers have to be willing to go a little deeper, using information and experiences that everyone can relate to, in order to process the lessons of Scripture.

Here are three important points for looking at the people in these historical accounts.

What to Look for When Forming an Adviser Circle

It’s hard to go it alone.  Ecclesiastes 4:10 says it’s tough to fall down when you’re alone, because there’s no one there to pick you up again.  That’s why it’s good to have an adviser circle.

adviser circle

An adviser circle is a group of people who have been down the same road that you are on and who want to see you succeed.  They are the ones you can turn to for advice when times get tough.

Here are three qualities you should look for when forming your adviser circle.

How to Grow Spiritually With a Busy Schedule

When your life is on overdrive, how do you find time to grow spiritually?  How do you spend time with God if your daily schedule is so brutal that it’s hard to find time to catch your breath?

grow spiritually

There is still a way to find peace in the midst of the storm.  You can rest in God even when your schedule is not restful.

Here are three thoughts to consider to help you grow spiritually, even if you have no time.

Why We Still Need Mentoring Today

Interview with Jon Hull, KSBJ Mentoring

Jon Hull - MentoringToday we have lost an appreciation for mentoring.  Jon Hull knows that well.  But he’s trying to change that.

Jon serves as the senior director of mentoring at 89.3 KSBJ in Houston.  He has been charged by his board of directors to help develop a mentoring mentality within the Christian music radio industry.

Jon has been named one of the most influential people in Christian music by two different magazines. He’s a recipient of numerous Christian industry awards, and he’s trained broadcasters in the US and around the world.

Here’s how Jon views the importance of mentoring.

The Difference One Person Can Make

As we’re trying to figure out how to live life, one person can make a huge difference.

We wrestle with questions of self-worth.  We wonder which paths we should take.  We worry about how our lives will turn out.

Even though we all have the same Scriptures to lead us—and we all can pray for direction—one person coming alongside us can make life easier to navigate.

Here’s how one person can make an impact.

Four Key Ceremonies for a Boy on the Path to Manhood

When does a boy know he’s a man?  When his father—or another man—tells him so.

There is no biological point in a boy’s life when he knows he’s become a man.  He must be called out of boyhood and into manhood by another man.

Why so?  Sociologist Stephen Clark says it well.

Men assume social responsibility most naturally and effectively when (1) it is clear to them that the primary responsibility for the well-being of others rests on them and that others are relying on them, and (2) when they have been trained from an early age by the men in their lives to recognize and assume that responsibility faithfully.

When I was preparing the path for my sons to follow, I consulted an oldie-but-goodie: Raising a Modern-Day Knight by Robert Lewis.

In his book, Lewis details four rights of passage for a father to commemorate with each of his sons on their journey to manhood.

How to Stop the Decline of the Church in America

Interview with Dr. Alex McFarland, AlexMcFarland.com

Alex McFarlandWith Christianity having less and less impact on American culture, how do we turn it around?  Dr. Alex McFarland has the game plan.

Dr. McFarland is a speaker, writer, and religion and culture expert.  He’s also the director of Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University in South Carolina.

Alex has written 16 books, preached in more than 1,500 churches across the United States, and been a guest on myriad major news outlets.

I caught up with my fellow McFarland at Proclaim 16.  Here’s what Alex said about how to pass the torch to the next generation.

Three Essentials for Authentic Discipleship

What does authentic discipleship look like?

Jesus’ last command was to make disciples of all nations.  To teach them everything He had commanded (Matthew 28:20).

But not everyone is called to go out into the mission field.  So how can we obey that commandment?

And even if we try to do discipleship here at home, where do we find the time?

So where do we start?  Here are three points to consider.