Welcome Change in You and in Others

Change Is a Healthy and a Necessary Process

Change happens to everyone. Most people don’t like it. It puts them out of sorts. They feel uncomfortable with change. But change is a natural process. You should expect it. And you should learn how to welcome change.

welcome change

When some of our kids were younger, any time my wife and I moved any furniture around the house, it would bother them terribly. They would want us to put it back the way it was. And it would take a while for them to accept the change.

What about you? What do you think about change? Does it bother you? Or are you able to welcome change in your life?

It is important for you to welcome change into your life. Change is good. You were made to change. You are expected to be transformed. As you grow in your faith, your life should reflect more and more of the glory of God (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Don’t believe the lie that you are incapable of change. And don’t let fear of change prevent you from becoming the person who God created you to be. You are capable of change. You can become the person you want to be. And you can change to have stronger and deeper relationships in your life. You can change.

If change bothers you—or if you don’t think you can change—then do these three things.

Do You Have a Short-Term or Long-Term Outlook?

Your Outlook Will Depend on Three Things

About 20 years ago I tried starting a business. It didn’t work out. I thought I was doing all the right things, but ultimately it just didn’t take off. But in analyzing why it didn’t work out, I discovered something about myself. At the time, I had a short-term outlook instead of a long-term outlook.


Most business do not thrive right away. It usually takes at least three years for an ultimately successful business to go from nothing to profitable. But it depends on your threshold for risk: Are you in it for the long haul, or will you get out if it doesn’t seem to work out? Do you have a short-term outlook or a long-term outlook?

You will need to have three things settled in your mind in order to have a long-term outlook instead of a short-term outlook.