Dedication to Your Work Is a Spiritual Decision

Three Things You Can Do Each Day to Reinforce That Mindset

Building the ark was a daunting task for Noah. With only his three sons to help him (Genesis 6:10; 7:13), he built a boat that was approximately 450-500 feet long, 75-85 feet wide, and 45-50 feet tall. Using the tools available at the time, this feat could have taken him 120 years (Genesis 6:3). During those 120 years, Noah no doubt dealt with ridicule from his neighbors. The people around him would have thought it absurd that water might cover the whole earth. People likely laughed at the man building the big boat. Noah must have persevered with extraordinary dedication through the mocking and laughing to accomplish his task.


Noah had to prepare his mind to appreciate the significance of his work in order to complete it. The mindset you bring to your work significantly affects what you will get out of it. Kenman Wong and Scott Rae summarize this idea well in their book Business for the Common Good.

Our job may not feel like we are doing God‘s will, but how it feels to us and what it actually is may be two very different things. … Our work can well be our ministry [because ultimately we] all serve God full-time. … The term full-time ministry should be used to refer to one’s attitude toward service more than an arena of service. The term should describe an orientation toward serving God, rather than specific activities … that are deemed to be serving God.

Building a boat may not have seemed like a spiritual thing to do, but Noah’s dedication to that work honored God. Your dedication to your work—or your dedication to serving God through your work—is a spiritual decision you must make every day. You can choose to be dedicated to your work every day. Here are three things you can do each day to help you develop that dedication.

How to Make Sure You Don’t Quit

Have you ever started something that you didn’t finish? Did you wish later that you had kept at it? You have the ability to take on new things and finish them. You just need to make sure that you don’t quit.

don't quit

I know that sounds easier said than done. But you can develop the ability to see things through. You can achieve things you never thought possible. But it requires staying power. And it requires that you don’t quit.

Here’s a three step process to help make sure you finish what you start and not quit.

Is Your Faith Only About Going to Church on Sunday?

Shari Prichard: Is Your Faith Only About Going to Church on Sunday?Does your faith feel dry?  Do you feel like there’s something missing in your life?  You go to church on Sunday, but you think there should be more?

Shari Prichard can relate.  She thought she was doing all the right religious things, but she was miserable inside.

Today she is the host of Women in the Word and she is the author of God’s Expectations for His Daughters: A Blunt Conversation.

Here’s what happened to Shari that changed her life around.

Three Simple Steps to Discover Your Life Purpose

Interview with Barbara Lachance, Generational Solutions, LLC

Gerry & Barbara Lachance - How to Discover Your Life PurposeWe all want to do what God made us to do.  The problem is how to discover your life purpose.

Barbara Lachance has a simple three-step formula for finding your life purpose.  It’s in the first chapter of her most recent book, Saying Yes to God.


Barbara and her husband, Gerry, founded Generational Solutions LLC, which assists people in reaching their personal destiny.  She has founded three successful nonprofit organizations.  She is a Master Life Strategist and Life Coach.  And she has spoken nationally and internationally on Developing Strategy for the Marketplace.

I recently sat down with Barbara at the NRB Convention.  Here’s what she said about finding your life purpose.