How to Cultivate a Flourishing Culture of Innovation

Today’s marketplace obsesses about innovation, and yet there is confusion about how to create the necessary environment to cultivate it in the workplace.

We can’t just demand innovation.  It doesn’t just happen.

To create a culture of innovation, four T’s need to be in place first.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if your workplace has cultivated an environment conducive to innovation.


1. Trust

  • Has management provided the tools that employees believe are necessary to do the job?
  • Do employees have confidence that management knows how to run the organization?
  • Do employees believe that management treats everyone fairly?
  • Does management provide sufficient autonomy for assignments so workers can take initiative in their work?
  • Do employees believe that management trusts them to produce a good work product?

2. Tenderness

  • Do employees believe management genuinely cares about them?
  • Do employees believe management takes an active and ongoing interest in their professional and personal development?
  • When emergencies arise or family dynamics get complicated, does the workplace allow for people to flex with the situation?
  • Does management regularly give praise for what employees do well?
  • Does management compassionately give constructive feedback to help employees improve?

3. Transparency

  • Do employees believe that management consistently communicates in an authentic manner?
  • Have expectations been clarified so that everyone understands their responsibilities?
  • Are management’s communications clearly understood by employees?
  • Is information hoarded by management or is it freely shared?
  • Does management rely on email or memos to communicate, or is information shared in person when possible?

4. Team

  • Does everyone understand and identify with the mission and vision of the organization?
  • Does everyone subscribe to the organization’s values?
  • Do employees believe the organization’s work matters?
  • Do employees believe their individual performance is necessary to move the organization forward?
  • Do employees feel that their colleagues are pulling their full weight?

Many pieces need to be in place to create an engaged workplace where innovation can flourish.  But when everything comes together, the organization will be an amazing place to work.

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