How to Develop a Prayerful Perspective

The importance of prayer is emphasized all the time.  In the church you attend.  In the books you read.  And in your conversations with friends.  But do you really have a prayerful perspective?

prayerful perspective

I’m not asking if you pray.  I’m asking if you really think prayer does any good.  I know you will say that prayer is important.  But what do your actions say you believe about prayer?

After you pray, Philippians 4:7 says you will have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding to guard your heart and mind.  Is that what happens to you when you pray?

Based on Philippians 4:6-7, here are three things to think about in developing a prayerful perspective.


1. Be thankful


In Philippians 4:6, Paul tells us that we should be thankful when we pray.  Gratitude is the foundation upon which your prayers should be offered.

Tell God you are thankful for what He has already done for you.  That puts you in the right frame of mind to ask him for what you want next.

Having a thankful heart doesn’t obligate God to comply with your request.  But it does affect the way that you approach God.  And it prepares your heart to have peace.


2. Be expectant


When you pray, believe that God can answer your prayer.  That seems obvious, right?  But check your thought process to see if that’s what’s actually happening.

God says you should have peace when you pray.  But that will only happen when you pray in faith.  You will not have peace if you pray in fear.

If you pray thinking that you have to have a backup plan, then that’s not believing that God can answer your prayer.  When you give a situation to God, don’t take it back.


3. Be confident


When you pray, consider that the matter is done.  It’s in God’s hands now.  And be confident that He will handle as He sees fit.

Don’t get me wrong: I am certain you have tough stuff in your life that you pray about.  I am not being flip about the serious matters you have to deal with.  But I am saying that you can be confident that God can handle it.

When you bring your problems to the throne of God, be confident that He can and will deal with them.  And be confident enough in God that you leave your problems with Him.  And take His peace instead.

When you are thankful for, expectant for, and confident in what God will do, then you will experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.  And it all starts with a prayerful perspective.


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