How to Have Staying Power for Long-Term Goals

When you have long-term goals, you need something to prevent you from quitting. That’s why it is important to have staying power. But how do you develop it?

staying power for long-term goals

Your staying power is your ability to keep doing something for a long time despite fatigue or difficulty. In effect, it is your physical or mental stamina.

Here’s how you can develop your staying power so you can reach your long-term goals.


1. See the end from the beginning.


When God created the world, He had a plan. He knew in advance what or who He was going to create each day. He then methodically went about the process of creating everything that exists.

Because you have been made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27), you also have the ability to envision something before it comes into being. He has given you the ability to create. You can fully think through all that you would like to do and have a mental image of what that would look like.

It is important for you to have that mental image in your head at all times. You must remind yourself of it often. So you can see the end from the beginning.


2. Make your vision clear.


As you work toward your goal, it will help you to refine that mental image. The clearer that picture is in your head, the easier it will be to make it happen.

When you have a clear vision in your head of what you are doing, it will be easier to accomplish. But when your goal is fuzzy, it becomes all too easy to quit.

The clarity of your goal will make it more desirable. And when it is easy to picture it, then you will be more likely to get it done.


3. Believe it as if it were done.


Once that vision is clear to you, it is essential that you believe that it is as good as done. You just have to get to the point that your vision becomes reality.

It’s as if you are going on a long car trip to visit a very close friend. Because you know this person well and enjoy their company, you can envision how it will be when you are with them again. Because you know the certainty of the outcome, that makes the long drive worthwhile.

It’s the same thing with developing staying power. It is important to develop your vision into something so real to you that you are convinced that it will become reality. Then just like the car trip to see your friend, you just need to stay in the seat until you get there.

Don’t get me wrong: Your goal will not just magically happen. But when you believe so strongly in what you are doing that you can clearly see the end from the beginning, then you have the staying power to work to make it happen.


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