How to Develop a Strategic Company Culture

To develop a strategic company culture, you must think through how you want it to look. Only by putting the thought in beforehand, will you be able to have it turn out the way you want it to turn out.

Strategic Company Culture

Alternatively, if you don’t put the thought in on the front end, you will not have the kind of culture you want. You will end up with a culture that just happens. And that nearly always is a recipe for disaster.

Here are three areas to think through in order to reap a strategic company culture.


1. Personnel


Think through who you want to have in your company. Of course it is important to know what kind of knowledge, skills, and abilities they should have. But technical competence is just the starting point.

More importantly, they should have self-awareness competence. What kind of outlook do you want them to have? And how do you want the people in your company to act?

If you focus on what they must do and how they must act, then you will know how to hire the right people.


2. Policies


The policies that you hold at your company should be grounded in more than just reactive rules that are put in place after someone does something wrong. That model of putting rules in place after the fact will cause you to create more and more of a restrictive work environment, in response to whatever employees may do.

Instead, you can put together proactive policies grounded in your purpose, values, and vision. Your company purpose, values, and vision will serve to provide the infrastructure necessary to create a more trusting work environment.


3. Procedures


The procedures you implement at your company should be more than just transactional processes. They should be cultural enhancers that serve to undergird the culture you are trying to create.

These routine interactions should be guided from a strategic perspective. By encouraging respect among your team, many procedures will be subsumed under this cultural perspective.

Strategic company culture is created through intentionality of design and consistency in implementation. The company culture you create will be as a result of the time you spend on the front end developing it and the time you take to enforce it.


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