How to Discover the Joy of Obeying God

The Scripture says to obey God. But God doesn’t want you to obey Him for His sake. He wants you to obey Him so you can discover the joy of obeying God.

joy of obeying God

Obedience is just the outward manifestation of what’s going on internally. Internally you are learning how to trust God and grow in relationship with Him. And that gets expressed through obeying God.

Here are three ways you benefit from obeying God.


1. Understanding God’s heart


When you are learning how to trust God, you are learning to understand God’s heart. You are finding out how He thinks. And what is important to Him.

When you find something in His word to which your life doesn’t conform, then you get the opportunity to investigate why that’s important to Him. And you get to see why it should be important to you too.

When God tells you to do something, you get the opportunity to hear Him. There’s joy in just being able to hear from God. But then you get the opportunity to follow through and do what He has asked you to do. And have the opportunity to have your will conform to His will.


2. Depending on God


Obeying God isn’t about jumping through hoops for God. It’s about learning how to trust Him in whatever you do.

God may want you to trust Him in your finances. That means He wants you to have the opportunity to follow His leading. He wants you to rely on Him more than on your finances. So you can have the joy of depending on Him.

You may be going through a dark time. God wants you to trust Him during this time so that you can see how He led you through it. He doesn’t want you to think that you’re alone during this time. It will take your active obedience to see His working through your situation.


3. Seeing God is good


It’s only through obeying God that you see how God’s ways are higher than your ways (Isaiah 55:9). And you can see that God is for you (Romans 8:31).

When you obey God, you can experience firsthand his goodness. You get to taste and see that God is good—because whoever trusts in Him will be blessed (Psalm 34:8).

When God leads your life, you can see how much He loves you. Because He wants you to experience firsthand the joy of obeying Him.


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