Why Excellence at Work is a Spiritual Priority

We all know that we should put in our best work on the job.  But why?  What is your motivation for delivering excellence at work?

excellence at work

Are you looking to make more money?  Do you want a promotion?  Are you trying to get into the boss’ inner circle?

All of those reasons are good.  Unless they are your only reasons.

Here are three ways you can make excellence at work a spiritual priority.


1. Make God your focus.


Examine your reasons for wanting to be excellent.  Are they all about you?

Is your focus about making more money, advancing your career, or raising your profile?  If so, then adjust your priorities.

God tells us to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and He will give us everything else that we need (Matthew 6:33).  It’s not an “either or” scenario.  It’s a “both and” scenario.

Let God have the foremost place in your thinking.  When you put your thinking in the right place, your actions will follow.


2. Do everything for God’s glory.


Decide that God is your priority in your work.  Whatever you do, decide that you will do it for His glory and honor (1 Corinthians 10:31).  And then act on that priority.

Before you begin each workday, give it to God.  Make Him your focus.  Tell Him—and yourself—that serving Him is the central purpose of your life and work.

With each new thing you do, let God be the reason you do what you do.  As you begin a new project at work, tell God you’re doing it for Him.  With each client or prospect you meet with, remind yourself that you are serving God.

Let God have center stage in your work.  And others will take notice.


3. Let your light shine.


When your thoughts and actions are both in alignment to serve God, that will be evident to those around you.  Even if you don’t tell them.

You will be serving God first, and that will come out in the way you do things.  You will have purpose in even the most mundane activities.  And you will have more patience with even annoying colleagues.  Because you are serving the King of kings.

Others will notice that there is something different about you.  And they may even ask you why you are different.  And that will give you the opportunity to share why your excellence at work is a spiritual priority.


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