How Often Do You Get Brainwashed?

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When I was a young man, I had a very selfish and self-centered paradigm. I believed the world revolved around me. Eventually, that paradigm broke down for me. It left me feeling empty and lonely, and I realized there had to be another way. Knowing that my paradigm wasn’t working, I was willing to explore Christianity. In reading the Bible, I saw that Jesus’ teachings were antithetical to my way of doing things, but I also saw how it would provide the peace that I didn’t have. As a result, I was willing to be indoctrinated into a way of thinking that went against my current belief system. I was willing to make a paradigm shift. I was willing to be brainwashed by myself.


Brainwashing is usually defined as a process of indoctrinating someone into a way of thinking that goes against their current belief system. Brainwashing is reprehensible practice—unless the person getting brainwashed is also the person doing the brainwashing. In that case, people can choose to indoctrinate themselves into a new way of thinking because they realize that their current belief system is not working for them. They realize it is important for them to actively remove that old way of thinking that is not working and replace it with something else that will work. They need to make a paradigm shift.

People view the world through a paradigm. It’s how they make sense of the world. There are times that people may realize that their paradigm is not helping them and they need to make a change in how they think.

Perhaps you’re at a point where the way you’re doing things isn’t working for you. Perhaps it’s your paradigm about God, or about yourself, or about others. Perhaps you’ve been believing things that haven’t been helpful for you. As a result, you may see it’s time that you brainwashed yourself.

You may have been a follower of Jesus for a long time, but you may find your paradigm isn’t working for you. You may realize your views about God, your views about yourself, or your views about others need to change.

If that’s where you are, then I invite you to explore how you can get brainwashed by yourself. Here are some questions to ask yourself and some practical steps to take for changing how you think.


1. How’s that working for you?


It’s important to start by evaluating your results. Are you experiencing personal peace in your life on a regular basis? Are you happy with your life overall? If it’s not broken, then don’t fix it. But if you feel that things aren’t working for you, then something’s got to give.

You can choose to beat your head against a wall by continuing to do the same things you have been doing. But doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

If you are not getting the results out of your life that you want, then you may need to change how you view things. If you have a skewed view of reality, then you will not get the results you want out of life.


2. What do you wish were different?


Once you admit that you want your situation to change, it is important to understand what you want to change. Are you unhappy with the direction your life is going? Is it your career that needs to change? Do you want your marriage to be different? Or is it your relationship with your kids that you want to improve?

It’s important to identify what you wish were different. Without narrowing your focus, you will have too much to deal with. Without a specific target to aim at, you will feel overwhelmed by all that you want to change. But with a smaller focus, you can empower yourself to do something about it.


3. How are your actions contributing to that result?


At this point, consider how you contribute to the problem. You cannot blame everyone else for what’s not working in your life. You must own up to the issues in your life. You are likely a contributing cause to everything wrong in your life.

Once you are willing to take responsibility for what’s amiss in your life, then you can go about fixing it. If you believe you are the victim, then you are saying that you are powerless to do anything about it. But when you address how you contribute to the problem, then you can stop causing your part in the problem.


4. How does your thinking contribute to those actions?


Once you see how your actions are party to causing the problem, then you can get at the operating assumptions you have that have precipitated your actions. By addressing the underlying thinking behind the actions you have initiated, then you can cut off the source of the problem.

At that point, you can begin to change how you view the world. You can decide to become brainwashed and start the process yourself. But you have to want to change. And you have to believe that the change will do some good. And then at that point, you can change your thinking to change your life.


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