How to Become More Teachable

You learn more when you are teachable.  As the old adage says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  So how do you make yourself ready for the teacher?  How do you make yourself more teachable?


Being teachable means that we admit that we don’t know it all.  And we are willing to be humble enough to be taught by someone else.

Here are three ways that you can maximize opportunities to be teachable.


1. Analyzing awkward moments


When something happens that is uncomfortable for you, figure out why.  Don’t complain about it.  Don’t get offended by it.  Just ask yourself why it bothered you.

When I was in college, the gals in the apartment next door invited my roommate and me to a party.  So we went.  We didn’t realize that we would be the only white people there.  While it felt awkward, it made me realize that this is how the gals next door felt virtually all the time.  So it opened my eyes to how I should treat others.

You will learn about yourself when you take the time to find out why you feel awkward about something that happens to you.  It will force you to test your assumptions.  Because you may never have considered them before.


2. Being willing to listen


When you meet someone new, do you assume that you know more than they do?  You may not think that intentionally.  But do your actions betray your attitude?

I went to a conference recently where I met a “kid” who was barely half my age.  I could have assumed that I had more to teach him because I was old enough to be his father.  But I learned more from him at that conference than any other presenter.

I have realized in my life that I am not learning when I am talking.  I have two ears and one mouth.  I should use them in proportion.

Take time to listen to somebody else, even if you don’t think you can learn anything from them.  In fact, listen to them especially if you don’t think you can learn anything from them.  You may be surprised by what you will learn.


3. Spending time with God


Do you make time daily to spend with God?  Reading God’s Word will change you.  But you have to invest the time regularly for it to change you.

The Center for Bible Engagement discovered through research that the Scripture will change your behavior if you read or listen to it four or more times a week.  Their research also discovered another surprising finding: if you read or listen to the Bible less than four times a week, then your behavior will be indistinguishable from someone who doesn’t read or listen to the Bible at all.

Do you put yourself in a position to be teachable?  Do you allow God to speak to you through awkward circumstances and other people and His word?  If you are ready to be teachable, your Teacher will appear.


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