How to Build a Successful Brand

Good branding is essential to any venture.  Whether it’s building a business.  Developing a product.  Or establishing yourself.  But how do you create a successful brand?

successful brand

First of all, let’s define brand.  A brand is the sum of all the interactions, experiences, and impressions that someone has about you, your product, or your business.  It resides in their mind.  So you do not own your brand.

Creating a successful brand can seem very complex, but it’s actually a simple concept.  Good branding requires following these simple steps.


1. Leadership


You as the leader provide the direction for the brand.  Start with a clear picture of what you want others to think about you, your product, or your organization.  As Stephen R. Covey famously said in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you must begin with the end in mind.

Determine the core values that you want to convey.  These values will form the bedrock of the brand in the mind of your target audience.

Design interactions with your target audience that will reinforce the intended perception.  A brand will not be created in a day.  It comes from a thousand little things that form an overall opinion.


2. Culture


A brand is best built by recruiting a team that believes in your core values and lives them out.  But they will only believe in your core values if you believe in them and live them out.

You as the leader must set the tone.  Whether it’s your family or your firm, you must exhibit the core values in everything you do.  Or else the Hypocrisy Police will come after you.

If your team believes and lives your core values, then the brand message will spring forth from them.  In everything they do.  But it all starts with you as the leader creating the right culture.


3. Message


The brand message you want to convey will naturally percolate to your intended audience if you and your team have lived out your core values.  Your audience will feel a connection to the brand.  Because they believe in the same core values you do.

Your team culture will be your best marketing if you have done the hard work of intentionally creating your team culture in the first place.  But you must always safeguard that culture from coming out of alignment with your values.

By consistently living out your core values and intentionally creating a team culture, you and your intended audience will enjoy the relational connection of a successful brand.


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