How to Construct Your Company’s Brand Identity

In order for your company to achieve what you are supposed to achieve, you first must embrace your brand identity.

construct brand identity

Once you understand your brand identity, then you can determine what you should do, whom you should serve, and where you are going.  But it is imperative that you determine your brand identity as your starting point.

Here’s a breakdown of the three concepts that you will need to fully construct your brand identity.


1. Who are you?


This may seem like a simple question, even bordering on stupid.  In fact, you may think, “Of course we know who we are.  Who doesn’t know who they are?”

But there are many companies that don’t understand who they are.  They may have defined themselves as who they would like to be.  Or who others say they are.  But they haven’t put in the thought to determine who they actually are.

If your brand image does not square with your company’s identity, then it will not be a true statement.  And it won’t fit right.

In order to establish a successful brand, you must first understand your company’s identity.  Because you must know who you are before you try to project a brand image.


 2. Why are you here?


If you are thinking that I am getting too metaphysical here, then check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk about Start with Why.  And if you have already read his book by the same title, then you probably already understand what I mean.

Knowing why you do what you do will serve you well in building morale, making a happier workplace, and infusing meaning into the work that you do.

In order to construct your company’s brand identity, it is important to identify your company’s purpose.  Because you must first understand the reason behind your company.


3. How will you serve?


When I ask that question, I am not talking about your company mission.  I am talking in terms of your company values that will determine how you will do what you will do.

But identifying your values is only a small part of the process.  Living the values that you say you believe as a company will solidify those concepts into your company’s identity.

By living out those values on a daily basis, you will engineer your company culture.  And if you consistently teach, model, and celebrate those values—and don’t permit anything to the contrary—then you will create a culture worth having.  Because it will be consistent with who you are.

In order for you to establish your company’s direction (what you should do, whom you should serve, and where you are going) and achieve all that you can achieve, then you must solidify who you are as a company, why you are here, and how you will serve.


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