How to Do a Mind Shift When You Get Stuck

We have all started something that took longer than we thought it would.  We looked forward to starting, but then it got frustrating.  It felt like it would never end.  And we just wanted the process to be over.  When that happens to us, it helps to do a mind shift.

mind shift

A mind shift helps us step back and see the situation with fresh eyes.  It helps us refocus on getting through.  And it helps us not tear our hair out.

Here are the three steps to making a mind shift to get unstuck.


1. Remember why


When you wish you were further along, make your mind shift.  Don’t allow it to stay stuck in thinking that you haven’t finished what you set out to do.

Remind yourself why you are started on this path to begin with.  Get reconnected with your Why.  That will help you recall what’s really important.  Remembering the purpose of your plan will help you get where you’re going.


2. Focus on your destination


Don’t allow yourself to dwell on what’s not going right.  Do a mind shift and focus on how everything will change when you reach your destination.

Think about how good it will feel to accomplish what you started.  Visualize how happy you will be when it’s all over.  And keep your thoughts from going back to complaining about where you are now.


3. Enjoy the journey


It is important to remember why you started.  And it’s important to focus on your destination.  But it’s equally as important to do a mind shift to enjoy the journey.

Someday it will all be over, and you will tell stories about the journey.  You will boast about how God brought you through it.  Don’t wait until it’s over to appreciate what God is doing in you during this time.  Take the time to appreciate what He is teaching you now.

Make sure that you thank God for where you are now—as difficult as it may be.  Someday you will look back at it with fondness.  Don’t get so focused on having a good life that you forget to live.

If you’re stuck in neutral now, make your mind shift into a higher gear.  Remember why you started.  Focus on your destination.  And then thank God for the journey.  You may realize someday that the journey was the best part after all.


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