How to Make Sure You Don’t Quit

Have you ever started something that you didn’t finish? Did you wish later that you had kept at it? You have the ability to take on new things and finish them. You just need to make sure that you don’t quit.

don't quit

I know that sounds easier said than done. But you can develop the ability to see things through. You can achieve things you never thought possible. But it requires staying power. And it requires that you don’t quit.

Here’s a three step process to help make sure you finish what you start and not quit.


1. Know why you’re doing it


Before you start anything, it is essential that you know why you want to do what you want to do. Your why will sustain you when the going gets tough. The why is more important than the what.

As you consider starting something new, first count the cost of doing it (Luke 14:28). Everything you want to do comes with a price. You must reconcile in your mind if you are willing to pay that price.

If your why is big enough, it will be greater than the price you have to pay to do it. And if it’s greater than the cost, then it’s definitely worth doing.


2. Develop a deeper passion for it


As you start on your new initiative, continue to cultivate your passion for doing it. Remind yourself why it is important to you. And tell yourself why it’s worth doing.

Help yourself understand the full scope of the results of accomplishing what you’re trying to do. And remind yourself why you want to see it through to completion.

Once you begin, roadblocks will get in your way and test your resolve. So take the time to expand on your why. You will need to have a big why to overcome the roadblocks.


3. Connect the hard work with your why


Every goal worth reaching requires hard work to accomplish it. And your mind will need to be prepared to do that work. Or else you will quit.

The best way to be prepared to do that work is to associate hard work with your why. It is imperative that you realize that the work is the way to your why.

Trudging through the small things is all part of accomplishing the big things. And you will be able to accomplish your goals, if you focus on your why—and don’t quit.


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