How to Make Your Church Better

If you are disappointed with the people in your church, you can make your church better.

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But you may say, “You have never been to my church.  What do you do when you are surrounded by apathetic people? Or difficult people? Or annoying people?”

Regardless of the people in your church, here’s what you can do to make your church better.


1. Don’t give advice.  Get involved.


Don’t curse the darkness.  Light a candle.  Be the change you want to see.

It’s easy to talk about what’s wrong.  It’s hard to fix it.  But who would you rather be surrounded by?  People who complain or people who chip in?  Then be that kind of person.  You will attract more people like that.

Be willing to ask yourself, “How can I change my heart to be the person I want to be?  How can I live out what I say I believe in the Scriptures?  And how can I become more like Jesus?”


2. Don’t criticize.  Mobilize.


If your church isn’t what you want it to be, don’t criticize the pastor.  Or the elders.  Or the staff.  Be part of the solution.

Rally around the pastor, the elders, and the staff.  Be willing to join them in a shared vision for the church.  Be the kind of person you would want to find if you visited your church.

Ask yourself, “How can I be the Church to people who need to hear God loves them?  How can I be His hands and feet—and His hugs and tears?”


3. Don’t be a good sulker.  Be a good servant.


George Barna wrote in his book The Second Coming of the Church that American Christians view religion as a commodity to be consumed.  Not something that they should invest themselves in.

But we are not here on earth just to get a spiritual fix once a week.  We should not look at church as just a vendor of religious goods and services.

Be willing to ask yourself, “How can I love God more?  How can I serve others more?  What can I do to start TODAY?”

Church is not a spectator sport.  Get out of the stands.  Get on the field.  Go join the action.  Be the Church.  And make the Church better.


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