How to Rescue Your Mind from a Bad Attitude

Every now and then we all get a bad attitude.  We don’t go looking for it.  But it still happens.  So how do we rescue our mind from a bad attitude?

bad attitude

Even when we try to guard our mind from unhealthy thoughts, we still can fall into a funk.  There’s no need to beat yourself up about it.  Just get rid of it.

Here are three steps to rescue your mind from a bad attitude.


1. Call it what it is.


When we get stuck in a funk, it’s hard to pull out of it sometimes.  In fact, sometimes we even want to stay there.  But we have to be willing to look objectively at ourselves to see what’s really happening.

It’s important to call the situation what it is.  If you have a sour perspective, realize that you have one.

It is not helpful for your peace of mind or your relationships with others to pretend you don’t have a bad attitude.  Because everyone else knows you have one anyway.


2. Own up to it.


When you get a bad attitude, don’t justify it.  And don’t make excuses for it.  Just admit it that you’re the one who’s dealing with stuff.

We have to be willing to own up to the situation.  The worst thing we can do is blame others for our issues.

Confess that you have a bad attitude and get it out in the open.  Only then can you do something about it.


3. Apologize for it.


Your bad attitude may have done some damage to your relationships.  Be willing to have a slice of humble pie.  You may even have to eat your words with it.

We can’t excuse our behavior when we cop a bad attitude.  Because we would not willingly want to let anyone else get away with doing that.  So we can’t do it either.

By asking forgiveness of others for your bad attitude, you will earn the respect of others around you.  You will not look silly if you apologize.  On the contrary, you will look silly if you don’t.

At the same time, be willing to forgive yourself for having a bad attitude.  If others can forgive you for what you did or said, then you should be able to forgive yourself too.

When your mind gets away from you, just be willing to step up and call your bad attitude what it is.  When you own up to it and apologize for it, you will become more of the person you want to be.  And others will be more likely to want to be around you.


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