Improve Your People to Improve Your Workplace

Why It Makes Sense (and Dollars) to Help Your Team Improve

To improve your company, it’s important to focus on continuous improvement. That’s obvious, isn’t it? But how much do you focus on helping your people improve—and not just in how they do their job?


If you help your people grow in one area of their lives, it will spill over into the other areas of their lives as well. They will reap the benefit, but you will too.

Here’s why it makes sense (and dollars) to make your team improve.


1. Invest in people


Help your team grow by investing in them. It benefits you when you give your people training to help them improve.

It only makes sense that you would train your people to do their jobs better. Investing in job-related training is a win-win for everyone. When you invest in your team’s professional development, then they will become a greater asset to your company. And you will also set them up for future success during their career.

You will make them more confident in their skills when you train them more fully, and they will feel they have more to offer the company as a result. It makes sense (and dollars) to invest in your people.


2. Support people


People’s performance at work will only be as good as the rest of their lives are. People are not as good at compartmentalizing their lives as they might think. Drama at home will find its way into their work.

Proactively offer your team resources to help them become more able to handle the challenges in other areas of their lives. Encourage your people to take marriage enrichment classes—and offer to pay for it. By helping them strengthen their marriage, they will have less home-related strife to take up mindshare at the workplace.

Giving your team financial management courses will help them better handle their money, which will help them reduce their financially-related problems. By offering debt management counseling, you can help people get a better handle on where their money goes. As a result, they may have more breathing room in their budget and become less desperate for a pay increase.

Grief counseling can help someone deal with the passing of a loved one. Understanding how to handle that loss can help them respond better to the demands of the workplace during the grieving process.

People are not one-dimensional. You may hire them for what they can do for you on the job. But your workplace will be affected by all the stuff they have going on in their lives. The more you can proactively reduce that, the better your workplace will be. It only makes sense to support your people.


3. Build up people


If you are willing to invest dollars and services in making your people better, it makes sense that you would be willing to invest your words in them too.

Think through the words you say to your people. Are you saying words that will build them up? Or do you use words that tear down?

If they make a mistake at the workplace, is your first inclination to blame them? If so, you may need to step back and let the emotion of the moment pass before you speak to them. You can cause a lot of damage by words hastily spoken in a heated situation.

When people feel safe, that’s when they will try new things. If you want your people to be innovative, then you need to give them the freedom to fail. Your team must know that you have their back, or they will not stick out their neck.

By investing in people, supporting them, and building them up, you will improve your people and improve your company. After all, it only makes sense.


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