How Do You Make Godly Decisions?

Nine Questions to Help You Figure Out Your Next Steps

When you have to make a key decision, how do you decide what to do? It’s always important to pray and ask God about it. But how do you make godly decisions if you don’t hear from God? What next? What evaluation criteria do you use to determine whether God wants you to do something or not?

godly decisions

While you don’t want to run off half-cocked, it’s worse to be frozen in fear and do nothing. When you need to make godly decisions, it’s good to take some time in reflection and ask yourself some key questions.

When reflecting on your options, there are three ways to look at the situation. And here’s a checklist of nine questions you can use in making godly decisions.


Going from most important to least important, here are nine questions you can ask yourself so you can make godly decisions.




  1. What do you hear from God in prayer? What do you feel the Holy Spirit is telling you?
  2. Based on what you know of Scripture, what do you think God would want you to do?
  3. Have you asked advice from other godly people? What do they think you should do?




  1. Which option would most enhance your family situation? Which option would most adversely affect your family?
  2. Why do you want to go forward with each option? What is holding you back from wanting to go forward with each option?
  3.  Based on your God-given goals and dreams, what next step would help you get there?




  1. How would moving forward with each option affect the people around you? And how would not moving forward with each option affect the people around you?
  2. How could each option affect your professional aspirations? How important are your professional aspirations to you? But how important should they be to you?
  3. How would each option affect the legacy you want to leave?


After you make your current decision, continue to use these questions to reflect on the spiritual, relational and professional impacts of your future decisions.  Even if you don’t hear God speak to you, in time He will make it clear to you which option to choose as you seek to make godly decisions.


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