The Power of Courageous Commitment

... and How You Can Use It Too

Have you ever marveled at how some people can persevere through anything?  They seem to be able to plow through any obstacle to achieve their goals.  Ever wondered why?  It’s because they have the power of courageous commitment.

courageous commitment

I know some people have a self-confidence that borders on cockiness.  But the power of courageous commitment doesn’t have to be based on our own sense of self-importance.  In fact, it should be grounded on a firm belief of who God is and what He has called you to do.

Here are some examples from Scripture to show that you too can appropriate the power of courageous commitment.


1. Abraham


When God called Abram to leave his family and go to Canaan, Abram had to remember that God called him to go there.  After all, Abram had to travel hundreds of miles to get there—without an automobile.

I’m sure during the journey Abram must have wondered why he was doing it.  And he had to choose to remember why he was going in the first place.

If God has called you to do something new, it’s important remember that.  Remind yourself frequently that’s why you’re doing it.  Otherwise, when things get hard you will want to quit.


2. Gideon


When God told Gideon that he was a mighty warrior, Gideon didn’t believe it at first.  But as Gideon was willing to obey God in little steps, he was able to build the confidence to do what God called him to do (Judges 6).

Knowing that God has told you to do something doesn’t make it easier.  In fact, it might be harder.  Remember: Gideon put out the fleece to make sure that he was hearing from God even after the Spirit of the Lord came upon him (Judges 6:34-40).

If God has called you to do something, be willing to step out.  Even if it’s just baby steps.  Doing something will prevent you from doing nothing.


3. Jesus


When it was time for Jesus to go to the cross, Jesus prayed to His Father three times in the Garden of Gethsemane asking if there was a way He could avoid it (Matthew 26:39-44).  But He also said He was willing to submit to His Father’s will (Matthew 26:39, 42).

Even though Jesus is the Son of God, He still asked His Father if there was another way.  It is understandable when we question God’s plan for us—since even Jesus did.

But be willing to trust God’s plan for you.  And be willing to embrace it.  Even if it’s not something that you desire.  Because that will give you the strength to persevere through any hardship.

You will have the power of courageous commitment if you trust God’s plan for you, take baby steps toward it, and remind yourself why you’re doing it.


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