Put Others First to Win Respect from Others

Be Respectful of Your Team to be Respected by Your Team

The best way to win respect from your team is to put them before yourself.  In order to be respected by your team, be respectful of your team.

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When you are willing to respect your team for who they are—not for what they can do for you—they will appreciate you for who are.  People don’t care how much you know until they know much you care.

Here are three practical ways to show respect to your team—and win respect from your team in the process.


1. Personalize requests


The sweetest sound in anyone’s ear is their own name.  The more you can call someone by their name the more they will appreciate it.

Look them in the eye when you talk to them.  That will show that you respect them as a person.  You are treating them as an equal when you are willing to look them in the eye.

Ask your team to do things for you instead of telling them what to do.  You could tell them what to do, but asking them will earn their respect.

By using their name, looking them in the eye, and requesting instead of telling, you will demonstrate your respect.  Those little things can go a long way in demonstrating respect.


2. Solicit their opinions


Ask your team what they think.  If the team is having to face a specific issue, ask them their input into how to solve the problem.

Once you ask them, be sure to listen.  As I said before, look them in the eye.  Show that you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.

By asking for their input—and then listening to their thoughts—you will demonstrate that you respect your team.


3. Ask how you can pray for them


Take the initiative to ask your team how you can pray for them.  Even if they do not agree with your faith, they will appreciate your concern.

Be wise in how you ask them about how you can pray for them.  Make sure that they realize that you are not forcing them to tell you something to pray for.  And make sure they realize that this is a confidential prayer request.

By affirming the human dignity of your team members, they will appreciate you more.  By treating your team with respect, you will win respect from your team.


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