How Your Self-Talk Will Affect Your Life

What you expect will come your way.  It is a biblical principle: you will become whatever you believe in your heart (Proverbs 23:7).  That’s why your self-talk is so important.


Fear and faith are two opposite concepts.  But they both are self-fulfilling.  Both imply a belief system that will support their fulfillment.

We have a choice to make.  We can either choose to listen to faith or listen to fear.  What we listen to will determine how we think.  And how we act.  And what we say.

Here are three ways your self-talk will affect your life.


1. Spiritually


We should listen to the words that come out of our mouths.  We may think we trust God, but our words may show that we don’t.

How much worry do you hear in your words?  You may be surprised how often it will show up in your speech.  You might use phrases like “all I have to worry about is …” or “I’m afraid that you may be right.”

If you are worried or stressed, then you are saying that you do not trust God.  Because you are listening to fear more than you are listening to faith.

It’s possible that you may be saying things that you don’t mean.  But if don’t believe what you say, then don’t say it.


2. Mentally


Listen to the words you say about how you see yourself and others.  How is your mental outlook?  How do you consistently see the world?

Are you limiting yourself mentally?  You may be surprised to hear yourself regularly saying phrases like “Things like that always happen to me.”  Or “I guess that’s just my lot in life.”

If you say that you assume that your life will always be a certain way, then you are telling yourself that it will always be that way.  As a result, your mind will not believe that you can change anything about your life.

You may think that’s not what you mean when you use those words.  So if you want to change your life, don’t tell yourself that you can’t.


3. Physically


What are you saying that will affect your health?  Take the time to become aware of the words that actually come out of your mouth.

Are you limiting your health by your words?  Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself saying things like “I’m always getting sick.”  Or “I just can’t get over this illness.”

If you are expecting your health to be bad, then you are telling your body how to react.  And it will comply with your commands.

You may say that’s not what you mean when you use those words.  But if you don’t mean the words, then why do you say them?

Watch your self-talk.  What you say may be a sign of something deeper.  And it will affect you spiritually, mentally, and physically.


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