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Thank you for considering me for speaking at your event.

I have delivered speeches in keynote and breakout settings, and I am very focused on making sure my presentation will meet your needs as a meeting planner.

Like you, I have also organized conferences, so I understand the importance of getting the right speaker to deliver the right message.

I am happy to learn how I may serve you by speaking at your event.


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Here’s what you can expect from me.

  • In advance of your event, I will interview you to determine what you are trying to achieve through this presentation at your event, so I can best serve you and your audience.
  • I will prepare and deliver a dynamic yet professional presentation geared to produce the desired effects with your audience.
  • After your event, I will conduct a post-event interview to determine how well I met your expectations.




I speak on the following topics:


Dear Boss: What Your Employees Wish You Knew

Countless hours of productivity are lost in today’s workplace because the vast majority of workers are not engaged in their work. I researched today’s workforce across industries and regions of the country and discovered the four top concerns of employees today. In this engaging presentation, I provide comprehensive biblical solutions to each of the four top concerns as well as to the workplace culture problems faced by virtually every company in the marketplace.


Believing What God Can Do Through You

Today many Christians have lost a sense of what God can do through them because they have lost a sense of who they are.  In this dynamic keynote, I provide a scriptural foundation for our identity, explain the process of discovering our purpose, and impart a vision for the spiritual legacy that we can leave to our children, our grandchildren, and beyond.


Being the Man God Can Use

We tend to think that heroes are born for greatness, but great men of the Scriptures were just … men. In this inspiring presentation I show that the men God uses to impact future generations have made themselves available for His purposes. Using biblical examples, I show how even today men can rise up to reverse the spiritual tide by leading a life that will impact generations yet unborn.


Survival Skills for Christian Fathers

We live in a society today that mocks the value of men being the leaders of their homes. In order for men to assume the role that God intended for them, they need to be equipped and prepared for their role. In this talk, I provide a visionary presentation of the role of the Christian father with practical action steps for men to reach their God-ordained potential.



These are some of the reactions I’ve received from my speaking.

  • “Speaker’s style was excellent. He made it easy to listen + pay attention.”
  • “I found this gentleman to be very [energetic] and organized. I learned a lot from him and am eager to take what I learned back with me.”
  • “Excellent presentation, very useful information. Robert was very engaging.”
  • “Very well done!”
  • “Very Powerful & Timely Presentation”
  • “Excellent presentation”
  • “Very helpful information, very good, visionary”
  • “Clear, concise, practical”
  • “If no other sessions this was worth the event. Thank you!”
  • “Food for thought!”
  • “He did great – always want more”
  • “Inspiring, yet simple, practical & organized”
  • “Good ideas and thoughts. Very practical”
  • “Powerful! Listening to his talk was motivating me to be more involved”
  • “Perfect presentation”


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