What to Look for When Forming an Adviser Circle

It’s hard to go it alone.  Ecclesiastes 4:10 says it’s tough to fall down when you’re alone, because there’s no one there to pick you up again.  That’s why it’s good to have an adviser circle.

adviser circle

An adviser circle is a group of people who have been down the same road that you are on and who want to see you succeed.  They are the ones you can turn to for advice when times get tough.

Here are three qualities you should look for when forming your adviser circle.


1. Insight


Select a circle of advisers who have been down the same road, because they will understand the problems you will face.  They should have insight into your specific situation.

You want to have men of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32) in your adviser circle.  Because they understand the times and know what you should do.

But you don’t want advisers who will tell you what you should do.  Instead, they should be able to ask you good questions.  So you can figure out on your own what you should do.


2. Care


Select advisers who care about you.  They will give you much better advice if they selflessly want the best for you.

You want advisers who exemplify John 15:13.  You want an adviser circle who will do whatever it takes to help you.

But you don’t need advisers who will do the work for you.  You want an adviser circle who will rejoice in watching you grow as God does the work through you.


3. Accountability


Surround yourself with an adviser circle who will

  • Be available enough to hold you accountable,
  • be bold enough to tell you if you are getting off track, and
  • be diligent enough to ask you if you are staying on task.

You want advisers who will ask the hard questions (Proverbs 27:5).  Because they know what you should do.  And because they care about you.

But it won’t help to have advisers who are confrontational just to be confrontational.  You want advisers who will say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.

If you form an adviser circle with these attributes, you will have a team who will help you go farther than you could go on your own.


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