Who Are You Becoming?

Do you ever take inventory of how you’re progressing? I’m not asking if you are happy with who you are. I’m asking if you like who you are becoming.


In life, you are never standing still. You are either moving forward or moving backward. If you’re not progressing, then you are regressing.

It’s important to be in the habit of self-analysis. Here are nine questions you can ask yourself to find out who are you becoming.


1. Do you want to stay where you are?


Are you comfortable where you are? Are you afraid to move forward?

This is an awkward place to be. If you have become comfortable where you are and see no need for change, that’s a problem. If you are afraid to change, that’s even a worse problem.

Don’t let yourself stay where you are. Decide you want to become more of who God wants you to be. And be willing to change.


2. Are you stuck?


Have you tried to move forward and gotten stuck? Have you decided you can’t become who God wants you to be?

Don’t let yourself stay stuck. In order to get unstuck, it’s important to believe that you can become unstuck.

Remind yourself who God says you are. Get good counsel from people who want to see you succeed. And then decide you can move forward.


3. Are you bringing others with you?


Are you trying to help others overcome what you’ve overcome? And are you encouraging others to take the journey with you?

You can be the one who helps others move forward. You can help others overcome even if you have been stuck. In fact, you can help them because you have been stuck.

You can become the person God wants you to be. You can be the overcomer you want to be. And you can help other people become who they want to be. And it’s as a result of always asking yourself who are you becoming.


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