Why Having a Coach Helps You Succeed

Three Ways a Coach Will Make a Difference in Your Life

When you were growing up, did you ever have a coach? Someone who pushed you past what you thought you could do? Someone who made you better than you thought you could be? Decades later, I’m sure you still remember their name.


It’s powerful to have someone believe in you, put the time in to help you improve, and rejoice with you when you succeed. It’s also humbling to have someone call you on what you’re doing wrong—but only so that you can become better.

Because of how a coach believes in you, it’s worth believing in yourself enough to invest in a coaching relationship. Here are three reasons why having a coach will help you succeed.


1. A coach builds you.


While a consultant helps you solve a particular problem, a coach helps you build you. Their job is to know what’s important to you and to help you get there.

I believe in coaching. I have a coach myself. Everyone has blind spots that they need someone else to point out so that they can move forward—even me.

A good coach will help you progress not just in the workplace, but also in your relationships and your spiritual life. They will help you become better in all areas of your life.


2. A coach challenges you.


A coach is there to listen to what you say—and what you don’t say. They should challenge you to redirect your thinking so that you can adjust your actions and develop new habits.

I have to confess I don’t always like to hear what my coach says to me. But I appreciate the different perspective he provides me so I can get out of my own head.

A coach will push you to change in ways that may be uncomfortable. They will make you do things that you would not have chosen to do on your own.  But you’ll be glad they did when you see the results.


3. A coach celebrates you.


Even though a coach pushes and prods you to perform, a coach also stops to take inventory. To point out the improvements. To show you your progress.

My coach is always quick to point out the progress I’ve made and to encourage me to move forward. It’s always helpful to hear someone else saying that they believe in me. Especially when I’m doing things I’ve never done before.

Your coach will celebrate your victories. They will help you get past your setbacks. And a good coach will rejoice with you over the person you are becoming.

It’s easier to go down a long road when you know there’s someone else who will be walking with you. Someone who knows you can make it. Someone who will coach you how to get there.


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