Why the First Step Is the Most Important

Change is hard. It’s not easy to do something new. Especially if you’ve been doing something else for a long time. But you have to be willing to take that first step.

first step

It’s tempting to think that biblical heroes of the faith were always that way. But great men of the Bible were just men who put their faith in action.

Here’s a look at three biblical heroes who had to make a big change. But they were willing to make that first step.


1. Abram


God told Abram to go to a new land (Genesis 12:1). Abram had to leave everything he knew to do what God wanted. And he had to go somewhere that he did not know anyone.

Abram had to travel thousands of miles. Through the desert. In difficult conditions. Without air conditioning. And that journey started with a single step.

Abram had to make the decision to go to the land God promised him. Then he had to act on it. He had to take that first step.


2. Moses


God told Moses to lead His people out of Egypt (Exodus 3:10). That meant Moses had to leave Midian where he had lived for 40 years. He had to leave his profession of herding sheep. And he had to go back to the land that he thought he left permanently.

Moses didn’t think the people would listen to him (Exodus 4:1). Moses told God that he wasn’t a good speaker (Exodus 4:10). He begged God to send someone else (Exodus 4:13). But God told him that he wanted him to go.

Moses didn’t want to do what God wanted. Moses tried to resist God’s call on his life. But ultimately Moses relented and took that first step from Midian back to Egypt.


3. Gideon


God told Gideon that he was a mighty warrior (Judges 6:12). God wanted him to lead the Israelites against the Midianites (Judges 6:14). But Gideon didn’t think he was up to it (Judges 6:15).

Before Gideon went out against the Midianites, he had to contend with his own people who trusted Baal instead of God (Judges 6:28-30). Gideon had to be prepared to take a stand even though his family had the least influence in Israel (Judges 6:15). Gideon even put out a fleece to test whether or not God was really with him—twice (Judges 6:36-40).

Gideon was afraid of the consequences of following God. But he realized that following God was more important. And he had to make that first step to sacrifice to God among idol worshipers (Judges 6:25-27).

Abram, Moses, and Gideon were no different than you. While it’s true that they are heroes of the faith, they all had to learn how to take that first step. And you can too.


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