Why You Should Cultivate Joy in the Everyday

You Can’t Wait until Tomorrow to Rejoice

The Scripture says that you should cultivate joy every day as a result of your relationship with God. But what does that look like? And why is it so important?

cultivate joy

To rejoice means to be cheerful or calmly happy, according to Strong’s Concordance, particularly in reference to your relationship with God. It means always having a peaceful delight in your soul. It doesn’t necessarily mean jumping up and down over something. Instead, it’s about having peaceful delight—in the midst of whatever is happening to you at the moment.

Having that perspective is not easy to do—and it’s impossible if you’re trying to do it without God. But it is nonetheless important to cultivate that perspective all the time.

Here are three reasons you need to have joy in your everyday life.


1. You need joy to keep you going


There will be tough times when you will need something to sustain you. Because the situation will look bleak otherwise. That’s why you need to have joy in the Lord to carry you through.

Remind yourself of what is true in trying times. You will need to look at your circumstances through the light of God’s word—not the other way around.

You will deal with circumstances when you don’t think it’s impossible to find joy. But those are the times that you must cultivate joy more than ever.


2. Outcomes are not guaranteed


There is no guarantee that the outcome you desire will come to pass. There may be times that you will have to pick up the pieces of your dreams. But even in the midst of heartbreak, it is imperative that you cultivate joy.

No doubt that you have experienced disappointment in your life. Despite those setbacks, it’s important to keep your perspective as you continue to go through life.

When things don’t go the way you hoped, you will be best served by a rejoicing attitude. Because God can still work through the outcomes that don’t turn out the way you hoped.


3. The end never comes


Don’t tell yourself, “I just need to get through ________ (fill in the blank) and then it will be OK.” Don’t give yourself false hope like that. Because the end never comes.

There will always be something else that will come up that you will have to deal with. So cultivate joy in each day. Don’t make yourself wait to have peace. Grab joy in the here and now.

Allow yourself—or even force yourself—to cultivate joy in each day. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can rejoice in today.


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