Why Your Active Leadership Is More Important Than You Realize

As a leader, how you interact with the people on your team is extremely important.  In fact, your active leadership is more important than you may realize.

active leadership

Everyone in your charge is constantly watching you.  They are always trying to figure out what is important to you as a leader.

How do you maximize your active leadership under those circumstances?  Here are three tips for making the most of your active leadership.


1. Show And Tell


You cannot just tell your team what you want them to do.  You have to live it out as well.

Your team will pick up more of what is important to you by your actions than by your words.  In fact, people may not be able to hear what you say because your actions will speak more loudly.

Don’t get me wrong.  You still have to verbally communicate with your team.  They still need you to teach them.  But often the most important things are caught and not taught.


2. Be Ready to Repent


You will not always live up to your own core values.  And you need to be ready to acknowledge it and take responsibility for it when you do.

A couple years ago two of my kids deputized themselves as the Hypocrisy Police.  They let me know when I didn’t meet my own standard.  And I had to repent.  Because I couldn’t afford not to.

But it’s best if you beat the Hypocrisy Police to the punch.  Repent to them, even if you don’t think they saw what you did.  Because they will notice everything you do.

Reinforcing your core values is more important than saving face in front of your team.  In fact, they will respect you more for fessing up than trying to hide your infractions.


3. Teaching Through Trials


When you are under pressure is when your true colors will show.  And that’s when your team will be watching you more closely than ever.

They want to see if your core values are just an act or if you really mean them.  They want to know if you’re the real deal.  Because they will want to follow you more if you are who you say you are all the time.

When you can consistently convey your core values, you will be more attractive as a leader.  If your actions are consistent with your words, others will be more interested in what you have to say.

You will glorify God if you can humbly present your faith through your actions.  And you will have more of a platform for your faith if you will match your actions with your words.  And as a result, others will see God in you.


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