How to Worry Less About Your Life

Do you worry about about your children?  How about money?  Do your possessions worry you too?

If your children, money and possessions are all given to you by God, then why do you worry about them?

Here are three ways to have more peace about what God has given you.


1. Are your children really yours?  Or are they God’s?

Our children are on loan to us.  We train them for a couple decades, and then we release them to lead their own lives.  Just as God intended.

Our children may grow up and make choices that we don’t want them to make.  But we need to give them that freedom to make mistakes.  Because that’s exactly what God does.

God watches us make choices that break His heart.  But when we call, He’s right there to help us pick up the pieces.  And we do the same for our kids.

We can do our best to train our children, and they may still go in a different direction.  Because ultimately our children are not our own.

2. Whose money is it?  Yours or God’s?

God has given us all that we have.  Nothing we have did not come from Him.

God owns the cattle on a thousand hills (Psalm 50:10).  He has no need of anything.

And yet God wants us to give of our money.  So we can be freed of its tentacles (Malachi 3:8-10, Luke 6:38).

When we tithe, we certify God’s claim on our money.  Because ultimately our money is not our own.

3. Do you own your stuff?  Or does your stuff own you?

There is nothing wrong with owning lots of stuff.  God wants us to prosper (3 John 2).

But when we do own much, what we own can wear us down (Ecclesiastes 5:11).

We should be conscious of how much we accumulate—and why.  So we will not be consumed by a desire to own more stuff—just because we want more stuff (Ecclesiastes 5:10).

He who dies with the most toys doesn’t really win.  Especially if he gains the whole world, and loses himself in the process (Luke 9:25).

We need to remember we’re just stewards.  We don’t really own anything.  Because ultimately we can’t take any of it with us.

We should hold loosely to everything we have.  Our kids.  Our money.  Our stuff.

If we keep that perspective, we’ll have less worry—and far more peace.

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